Something has gone very wrong with America, not just its economy, but its ability to function as a democratic nation. And it's hard to see when or how that wrongness will get fixed.

(Paul Krugman and Robin Wells, NY Review of Books, July 12, 2012, p9.)




The following links will take you to topics of personal interest that have engaged me in recent years.

Pilion Centre Greece
  • Sea, Sun and the Spirit of Community in Greece   In 2001 a group of us inspired by the international community at Findhorn, Scotland opened a holistic eco-centre and alternative holiday Centre in Pelion, Greece. You could call it adventure travel, but it's not white water rafting or mountain climbing. The adventure here is exploring the Self, practising and teaching some new models for living, working and relating. The project has grown in fits and starts and now operates at two nearby campuses overlooking the Aegean sea on Mt Pelion. Jock coordinates the Kalikalos branch in the summers under the aegis of the Holly Foundation, a non profit NGO dedicated to exploring the potential of authentic community as a vehicle for building a new world of peace, partnership and sustainability. Energetically the project is thriving. Financially it is very much touch and go and has yet to prove its long term sustainability. Visit our blog to see what this project is all about.

  • Ever since I was a kid I was interested in the body, illness and disease. I had a go at medical school for half a term. Unfortunately, I could never remember the latin names for the muscles, nerves, and blood vessels, so I packed it in and took a PhD in Psychology instead. Many years later, I got the chance to return to medicine, in a much more favorable environment, and at Findhorn qualified as a medial herbalist and naturopath. My most powerful learnings about the body, however, came from my own two bouts of M.E./CFS, the first one in 1988-1991, and the second one, 2004-2006. I've written, (1991) and (1993), about this strange, puzzling nasty illness which seems to be, at least in part, a burn-out disease. My theory is that the stress of burn out leads, in some people, to any garden variety virus penetrating virtually every body system, from where it hides from the immune system, never killing its host, but crippling it indefinitely.

  • LIBERATING LOVE: Readings from the German Meiga Communities   I spent several years in Berlin editing articles and talks given by the members of two radical German ecovillages. Liberating Love is the first book in English about the ZEGG and Tamera communities which are developing new models for love, intimacy and sexuality. Order from Juggler Press or Amazon.

  • Here is an article on The History of the ZEGG Community in Germany.   Laila Dregger talks about how it all got started back in 1978.

  • Read the Vision of the Tamera Centre for Healing Biotopes and their Institute for Global Peace (IGP).

  • Americans inspired by Zegg have a Network for a New Culture

    DrRosenberg Marshall Rosenberg offers suggestions for how to respond judiciously yet effectively to the 11 Sept 2001 bombing of the World Trade Centre.

  • The Joy of Community We are all for it, but do we really know what it is? M. Scott Peck talks about what he regards as authentic community.

  • My daughter, Anna, also known as Poppy, got married to Mark Wilens on 15 Sept 2001 in Woodstock. I was stuck in Vancouver, Canada in the aftermath of the World Trade Centre bombing and couldn't attend. 

    Mark and Anna live in Mt Tremper New York, about 2 1/2 hours upstate from Manhattan, and about 5 miles from Woodstock of the famous 60's festival.

    My x, Vivienne Hodges lives with her partner Stuart Margulies in Woodstock and is very active in the local tennis club. They both winter in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico.

  • And here is a photo of Anna and Mark in Hawaii November 2002 on their bikes.

  • Thea WillensonRight here is young (age 2 1/4) Thea Millenson-Wilens, also known for short as Thea Wilenson (imagine having to hear your name called out by the teacher as "Millenson-Wilens"). This is what happens when two independent minded bikers get together.

    Young Thea is was joined by a baby brother in April 2008, named Luc. See photo of these babies. This family lives in the countryside near Woodstock, New York, site of the infamous '60s festival.

    Here's that biker family near the Ashokan reservoir in 2013.

  • Jock Millenson's favorite books My ten all time favorite books.
    • I Am That—Sri Nishargadatta Maharaj (ed. Maurice Frydmann)
    • Pointers to the teaching of Sri Nishargadatta Maharaj—Ramesh Balsekar
    • A New Earth—Eckhart Tolle
    • In Perfect Timing—Peter Caddy's Autobiography
    • The Way of Council—Zimmerman, Jack and Coyle, Virginia
    • The Diaries of Anais Nin
    • Henry Miller—all
    • Ways of Seeing—John Berger
    • The Road less Traveled—M. Scott Peck
    • Radical Psychiatry Reader—Claude Steiner, Becky Jenkins. et al.

  • After many years of trying and failing to create a home base (Findhorn community, Berlin, Cyprus...) I seem to have accepted that I never will have one. I spent many winters in India (Goa in particular), four in Cyprus, and 3 or 4 in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. I generally spend 3-4 weeks in the year back at the Findhorn community in Scotland where I am still an associate member, 2 or 3 in Woodstock, New York and one or two in London. Apparently that is how it is going to be until the retirement community in N California has a vacancy for me in their subsidized housing category which is not likely to be before 2020. If I live that long it will certainly feel strange to go back to my country of origin where I havent lived for 40 years.
  • Click hereJock tennis for a video of me working on my tennis serve in Queens Park London in the summer of 2007 with my coach, Margo Collins. You'll see immediately that it will take me several more lifetimes to get it. Ditto with Greek language, by the way.

  • Once upon a time when I was young, fancy free and affluent I used to own and fly this magnificent 1951 Bellanca, N522A. I was very sad to learn in 2010 that 522A was involved in a weather-related crash in Oregon killing the pilot and totalling the aircraft.

    Duplicate bridge
  • I first learnt to play that most subtle of card games, contract bridge, at Oberlin College in the mid '50s. Over the years Bridge has come to my rescue more than once. I still play and teach occasionally on Okbridge as [jockm]. I give homage to this mother of all card games at my bridge web site,
  • market trader

  • In January 2009 James Kelly introduced me to a book called Trading for a Living by Alexander Elder. I became quite fascinated with the idea that I could earn a living through trading stocks and shares. I am trying to prove that I might yet become one of the roughly 4% who succeed.
  • Now it is April 2013 and the verdict is still out. About a year ago I became aware of the work of Stephen Morris who compares stock trading with trout fishing and offers many provocative analogies. I recently had the good luck to spend 3 days of intensive training with Steve and another trading student in Boise, Idaho. Steve believes that trading can be taught and I am now working with his system which consists of combining 9 basic setups with four trading "seasons".

  • In the spring of 2012, browsing the internet I came across a book titled Sacred Economics by Charles Eisenstein. I do not know exactly what it was that guided me to look at this book because I have always found Economics boring as ditchwater. eisenstein I can remember from college having to carry a heavy blue tome by Prof Samuelson full of graphs and dry statistics. But as I began to read Charles' book, I grasped a whole new world. I ended up reading for hours and realised at some point I never had a clue where money comes from or what is was all about. The scales fell off my eyes as I discovered how banks create money out of nothing, and lend it to you and me with interest.

    Since that spring day I have read a dozen or so more books about our present day money system and the more I read the more I am convinced that our dysfunctional money system lies behind nearly all of the major problems of our world: global warming, pollution, corporate greed, population explosion, unrestained growth, deforestation, third world poverty, banking crises, imposed "austerity" with loss of social services and infrastructures that took generations to build--you name it, these all are a consequence of how banks create our money, and how debt and compound interest enrich the few and leave the majority destitute.

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