The Healing Biotope: Model for a Global Peace Culture1


Dieter Duhm for the Tamera Group (1999)


We stand today at the threshold of the most significant revolution since the Neolithic era. It is the transition from the patriarchal era to a new form of human civilization. We have come finally to understand that global violence and fear, male domination and war between the sexes, racism and genocide, exploitation of the Third World and of nature are historically established patterns which can and must be altered in order to bring about a culture of peace, harmony and equality..

  In addition to the widespread planetary dis-ease created by these patterns, the personal problems that lead millions of people to seek out the help of therapists are also historically set and therefore, they too require an historical change in society and politics. The crisis of the environment and the misery of the human psyche are but two aspects of the same illness and can only be understood and solved when seen as one. Both are intimately related to the suppression of sexuality and the long war that has been waged against women that has led to a far-reaching destruction of love between the sexes.

  Evidently a new, non-violent culture must be rooted in a new relationship between the sexes. The matriarchal and spiritual sources of human cultural development which were swallowed up by state, religion and church in the imperialistic expansion of male dominance must be rediscovered on a new level in order to bring about a non-violent and global reformation of civilization. Mere criticism of our existing systems and institutions is insufficient. We need concrete exemplars on earth—we call them "healing biotopes"—where new ways of living and new social structures can be developed, tested and implemented through practical cultural research and experimentation.

The Unity of Life

There is only one existence. All beings function through the laws and forces of this one existence and together in relationship with each other they create the network of life. The earth too is a unified organism. Thus the earth and all beings on it together form a unified living body with a common consciousness, a common will to live, and a common underlying set of information, or genetic code.

  From this communality we can understand why, when any part of the network of life is destroyed through violence or impaired by fear, the entire life body falls ill. The illness of nature and the inner illness of human beings are two sides of the same coin of violence and fear. To a large degree, modern human civilizations are founded on the destruction of life. Thus, most of our food, clothing, cosmetics, and medicine rely on the exploitation of natural resources. The victims are plants, animals, children, religious and ethnic minorities, peoples of the Third World, and we ourselves. The violence that we inflict on others comes back to us in the form of illness, fear and deep insecurity. The global civilization of our time (late capitalism) is a system of ill people, and it is connected with global violence. Such illness can not be healed through individual therapy.

  The foundations of our current way of life can no longer be ethically justified. Either directly or indirectly, our present system turns us into co-perpetrators of a global catastrophe and, by continuing in this direction, we ourselves will become its victims. The problem can no longer be solved through moral appeals or through partial solutions. We need a new concept of human culture and society, a new concept of life and a new concept of our existence on earth.

Charter Of Human Rights And Rights For All Creatures

•  All beings—human, animals, plants, tribes and peoples—have their special purpose and their special function in the development of Creation. In the plan of Creation, they all have a right to their specific way of life and to their status of existence. They all have the right to grow and develop without fear.

•  All beings have a right to a healthy and free use of their bodies, their joy of life, their curiosity, their love relationships, their communities, their natural biotopes and their special connection to Creation as a whole.

•  All beings come (as embryos and children) from a world of security and trust. They all have the lifelong right to grow and develop in this trust. They all have a right to a fundamental kind of inner health and freedom that comes from trust.

•  All beings that have skin and fur have a right to warmth and to those life conditions through which they receive warmth.

•  All beings have a right to food and to the life conditions through which they get food.

•  All beings have a right to the freedom of movement that they need for their development, for their joy, for their bodily, emotional, mental and spiritual health. They must not be restrained or closely confined.

•  All beings have special organs that they use to discover life and to make contact with the world: e.g., limbs, genitalia, wings, horns, tails, claws, fins. They must not be stopped from these activities through deliberate damage to these organs.

•  All beings live together in a great cosmic brother- and sisterhood. The differences between human beings and animals are not basic; they are only differences of degree. All beings therefore have the same civil rights on earth.

The Global Chain Of Violence And Fear

Today we are experiencing the worldwide legacy of a bloody era of history. We can only endure what people do to each other, to their children and to animals by forcibly turning away our eyes.. The only reason that we can still sleep peacefully is that we are not (yet) among the victims and because we cannot really imagine the reality that lies behind such expressions as "holocaust," "genocide," "civil war," "arms trade," "secret police," "death squads," "torture," "female genital mutilation," and so forth. Today all the abuses behind these terms are a part of the everyday life of millions of people. The monstrous human rights violations in many countries around the world are subordinated to financial considerations. The consequences of the international arms trade are measured by stock market quotations and by the size of bank accounts, rather than the indescribable human suffering that is caused. What is happening here hits us mercilessly when we consider that the children who are being burned and mutilated could be our own. Ever since the end of the Neolithic era when male imperialism raised itself against Creation, against life, and against the female principle, a network of violence has spread out over the earth.

  From the time of that patriarchal revolution, power has been equated to violence and all ensuing political, economic and ideological systems have been systems of violence. Violence creates the fear through which people can be dominated and which upholds the current systems of violence. Fear obstructs our ability to love and engage in contact, fear is the barrier to contact between human being and animal; fear is the central ecological bottleneck of our time. Fear and violence are twins, each always creates the other. Fear leads to a blockage of elementary life energies, leading to latent violence in every fearful organism. The excessive pogroms of German fascism followed this cruel principle of energy discharge. One must understand this process deeply in order to overcome it. When organisms that have been saturated with fear are unleashed through slogans of power and images of enemies, the results are eruptions of collective violence, as we can currently see all over the world. We can only resolve global warfare if we can find a critical place at which to break the chain of fear and violence.

  It is certainly not enough to appeal for peace or to present moral arguments against oppression, for fear and violence have become physiological processes that are deeply embedded in the structure of modern societies. Healing work and peace work are therefore not just individual work. They are always also political work. Today, to work for peace on earth means to create the life conditions, the economic infrastructures, the methods of production, the social, sexual and ecological environments as well as the mental and spiritual framework, that can sustain the durable peace and true healing that we call structural peace.

  The key word for structural peace is trust. Fear and violence can only be overcome structurally by recreating the basic trust with which we all once began our lives, so one of the most important tasks of modern peace work is the creation of model environments in which this basic trust between all beings can arise again. To work for peace, then, also means to dedicate oneself with fearless pacifist militancy to the protection of life, no matter where one is. Life decisions of this kind require a high degree of revolutionary strength. This strength arises when we begin to understand what we have done to our fellow creatures through our habit of remaining silent.

Stop The Massacre Of Animals

A special aspect of global violence is violence against animals. In terms of cruelty and frequency, the everyday atrocities that are carried out all over the world are beyond all possible description. What does a dog experience when it is being dissected alive (vivisection) in the medical departments of our universities? On what methods of raising and killing animals are our gastronomy, our cosmetic industry, our pharmaceutical industry, and our clothing industry based? What information of fear and cruelty is sent out thousands of times a day into the ether from an animal laboratory, a slaughterhouse or a fur-farm? What journey of suffering does an animal have to go through before it ends up as a Big Mac Hamburger or a fast food hot dog? There can be no peace on earth so long as we, actively or passively, as perpetrators or co-perpetrators, allow the mass murder of animals.

  Animals are beings just like ourselves, only at another level of development. They are endowed with consciousness, they are loving, playful, curious, contact-seeking beings who need our support in order to return to a meaningful development here on this planet. They are often like children. They belong to the life body of the earth and each in its own way and with its own special abilities plays a role in the universal process of discovery through which life on earth gains its richness, its depth and its completeness. They help us to understand life, to see new possibilities and new directions, and they help us to learn new forms of communication. Some of them, especially whales and dolphins, have created, underwater, a cosmic existence and an intelligence, which in many ways, are superior to those of our modern culture. We need to learn from them instead of killing them. Human beings and animals are a part of the same life body of the biosphere; they need and complement each other like the organs of a body. They are designed not only for co-existence, but also for active communication with each other. Where this communication is possible again, we rediscover what the original peaceful cultures on earth have always known: animals are, just like ourselves, one aspect of the one consciousness and of existence; and it is only together that we can realize the beauty of life on earth.

The Power Of A Concrete Utopia

If we want to eliminate war and to overcome the powerful global field of violence we need a concrete vision for a powerful global field of peace. During the student revolution in the sixties, we experienced how easily people could unite to fight against something, and how difficult it was for them to live together. We were able to solve the problem of a police barricade, and unable to solve the problems of dish-washing in our communal households, hierarchy in our groups and above all sexuality. Apart from the slogans for a life free from domination, we had no positive vision and no concrete utopia for a new lifestyle. Most liberation struggles were fights against existing injustice and were not a fight for the realization of a clear and realistic vision for peace and justice.

  In 1995 Dieter Duhm, Sabine Lichtenfels and a dozen more German peace activists from the Meiga project2 founded the Tamera Centre on a 350-acre property in southern Portugal in order to take a positive step for a concrete vision of a new society. Tamera was established in order to carry out radical research dedicated to the healing of humans and the earth. The aim of the project is to create a healing biotope where eventually several hundred people will be living and cooperating non-violently to build a base for global peace work. More specific details about what Tamera is doing are described in the last section of this chapter.

  The vision of Tamera is that of a concrete utopia for a new type of human civilization and society, one that represents a profoundly new relation for our life with Nature's beings and the powers of Creation. Manifesting this vision entails the creation of a relatively precise and complex human infrastructure for a practical culture of peace that is compatible with the inner power or "blueprint" that all beings carry within and which guides their development. This is the mysterious power that turns a seed into a full-size tree, a caterpillar into a butterfly and an embryo into a adult. Individuals do not possess this power on their own, but by aligning themselves with it, they can tap into it to grow beyond their present limitations. In a concrete utopia the actual social matrix is itself aligned to the blueprint through which the power of the whole flows into the individual. Such a social matrix acts as a powerful amplifier of the creative life force for every individual living within it.

  The amplifying action of the concrete utopia follows a principle of vital resonance which is far superior to all mechanistic principles. A tiny weed germ is able to push through a two-inch layer of asphalt. It is not its own energy and authority that empower it, but its link to the whole that is imminent in its inner blueprint. The result shows that the power struggle between the weed seed and the asphalt layer is decided on an energetic level. In a comparable manner, the forces for peace can succeed against the apparent external superiority of the powers of destruction.

  If we could find a suitable concrete utopia for ourselves and our cultural development there is no doubt that it could catalyze a fundamental turn towards a future without violence. The demonstration of such a new social model would give us the matrix or blueprint through which the power of Creation—the one power stronger than war—could aid our work. Manifesting such a concrete utopia of peace is the primary aim of Tamera.

  The inner dream of humanity is the still unmanifested, but very real vision of a global, interrelated community of peoples, linked together in mutual caring, solidarity and love for all life on earth. What precisely does this dream mean for nutrition and production, for living together of the sexes, for the political organization of new communities, for global communication, for collaboration between the beings of nature and the powers of Creation? What does this dream mean for our coexistence with wild animals, domestic animals, or snails in the garden? What precisely does it mean in relation to our daily life, our way of eating, working, loving and praying? What kind of concentration of power and what kind of spirituality in our daily lives do we need to enable us to see and implement the concrete utopia imminent in us and in history? With these questions we stand on the threshold of a new way at looking at life. Their answers can never be found through armchair speculation, but only through innovative experimentation and creative trial and error with new social and political structures.

Places Of Healing On Earth

The earth is surrounded by and cris-crossed by a network of geomancic power lines along which our ancestors made their pilgrimages and built their most sacred sites. Although altered and partially obliterated during later eras, we can still find many relics of these sites. The Christian Church often adapted these ancient "pagan" places of power. For instance, the awesome Gothic structures of the cathedral at Chartres, rise over four historical layers. Wherever powerful energy lines come together or cross, we find natural healing points on the earth. These can be compared to the acupuncture points in the meridian system of our bodies. Historically, powerful sacred centers of humanity were built on the strongest energy nodes. There, long before our calendar began, the old stone circles were erected (many of them older than Stonehenge) as were the old oracle sites and temples, such as the ones on Malta. Here we also find the old initiation sites for the individuals who were chosen to take on sacred duties. The priestesses who were the caretakers of these centers had the special task of ensuring worldwide communication between these centers, thereby maintaining and caring for the global healing field. Today, on all continents, for example in Peru, Portugal, Ireland, Eritrea, Malta, India, Tibet, Australia and Polynesia, we find the remains of these sacred centers of a primal global religion. These places have not yet died out. To the contrary, their information and their spiritual life force are still active. It would be most relevant to global healing to reactivate them and to reestablish their mental-spiritual inter-connections. Indeed, re-establishment of a healthy geomantic network over the entire earth is one of the healing tasks of the new era.

  Re-establishing the global healing network also requires the information embodied in the various cultures of freedom that still remain on earth. Despite their near extermination during the patriarchal era, especially during Christian and colonial times, some of them—Aborigines in Australia, native Tibetans, Eskimos, Native Americans, Indians and Africans, some peoples of the Andes—still exist in a relatively original form. In these cultures ancient knowledge about a healthy earth and about the eternal connections within Creation is still alive. We must reclaim it at new level in order to reconnect ourselves with the power and the sacredness of Creation. .

  The modern spirit of the third millennium must reconnect with timeless spiritual sources of ancient times, without thereby regressing to old cultural forms. For hundreds of thousands of years, before it was separated from them by patriarchal revolution, humanity lived from these sources. The knowledge of these sources is stored in our cells and can be reawakened today. The peace tribes that are still alive today are not tourist attractions. They are the last carriers of a previously existing knowledge of peace on earth. It is necessary to engage with them in order to connect the old "peace field" with the new one. It is an absolute must that these peace tribes be protected from further destruction. They need our help and we need theirs.

The Gender Issue

There can be no peace on earth so long as there is war in love. The five thousand year history of the patriarchal era is a history of a war between the sexes, one that has not yet ended. This long battle against the female world is the cruelest chapter in human history to date and no one has yet recovered from it. We will never be able to develop fundamental peace concepts for the earth and human beings as long as we do not understand this fight and its insane results in society and within ourselves. It is a primary task for all peace projects to activate energy that has the power to liberate the relation between the sexes from the taboos, prejudice and cruelty of a mad era. A new non-violent and loving culture is rooted substantially in a new loving and non-violent relation between the two sexes. This essential principle cannot be neglected in the new concepts for ecology, spirituality and healing. There can be no healthy ecology without healthy sexuality.

  As we all come into being through a sexual connection between man and woman, sexuality is the biological source of our life. Since we all exist in the body it is truly "Issue Number 1". A disruption of sexuality is thereby a disruption of the entire organism. Almost all illnesses in Western society are at least partly caused by a disruption of the sexual energy balance, and most emotional and psychosomatic illnesses of our time are rooted in unresolved problems in the area of love between the sexes. Many more people die each year from unresolved love conflicts than from auto accidents, So long as the sexes do not find fulfillment in love, they must compensate for their lack through tourism, consumerism, status, power, and war. That is to say, by the very foundations of our current capitalist industrial society.

  The prerequisite for a violence-free future is the global ending of the war between the sexes, the liberation of man from his secret sexual anxieties and feelings of inadequacy, and the reconnection of woman with her original power sources including her central tasks in the human community. It means also the liberation of both from their delusion that jealousy is part of love. Man and woman are the two polar halves of the one human being. They must now come together in such a way that they fit so that they may find the permanent fulfillment that is an inherent part of the emotional and bodily love between the sexes. To do that love must be freed from fear. Love and sexuality are universal life powers, and in a universal society of peace they can no longer be bound to one single person nor can they be surrounded by private fences. A freed love and committed partnership do not exclude each other in a universal culture of peace;. To the contrary, they are mutually dependent and complement each other. The old patterns of sexual "faithfulness" and jealousy are based on distrust between the sexes. The deepest freedom, which lies at the heart of all freedom, is the freedom of love between the sexes. This is the source of a new ethic and a new order, in which human beings no longer need to deny their own selves and hide from others. This freedom leads to a genuine, powerful and nonviolent joy of life. Herein lies one of the central meanings of the concrete utopia that we are committed to bring to life.

  Communities of the future and projects for a new way of life can only function in the long term if they know and understand the principle of a love that is free, if they know that such freed love is not in opposition to an ethic of faithfulness and responsibility, and if they support their members to follow love wherever it wishes to go. Any form of ideology or group pressure is counterproductive when it comes to such deep changes in our inner pivot points. This is true for our erotic, as well as for our mental and spiritual sources. For this new love force to develop we need an encompassing supportive environment of freedom and community.

Global Field Creation Through Selective Intervention

We can no longer meet worldwide violence through counter-violence. The era of violent revolutions is over. First of all they are hopeless in the face of the actual balance of power between those who seek change and those who seek to maintain the status quo. Secondly, they never achieve their humane goal, for violence—including counter-violence—always produces fear and thereafter leads directly to new violence. No revolution to date has ever disproven this psychological principle. Therefore, for global peace work we therefore need a fundamentally different concept. We find the new concept in the principle of global field creation through selective intervention.

  Consider this analogy: in order to relieve the body of an illness, one need not treat all its organs and cells individually. It suffices to introduce new information, such as a medicine or a few acupuncture needles in the appropriate places, to act as an impetus in the direction of healing. If the energy lines and energy centers of the body are impacted through this intervention, then the healing power of the body takes care of the rest of the work by itself. This principle can be applied to the earth as an organism. In order to stimulate the earth as a whole, it suffices to input a concentrated impulse of peace at chosen "acupuncture points" or energy centers.

  This is effective because the earth and its biosphere constitute a unified organism: a unified life body and a unified body of information. All beings conform to the same basic information of life as can be seen in the genetic code, whose basic mathematical structure is the same for all living beings be they plants, animals or humans. The mathematical parallels in the genetic code and the ancient Chinese I Ching attest to the similarity in the informational structures of both molecular and mental-spiritual structures. Teilhard de Chardin called this informational body of the biosphere the "noosphere." If we introduce new information into the noosphere that is compatible with the overall system the effect is similar to the effect of a remedy introduced into our body's system. Since all beings are part of the noosphere, information that is introduced into any part affects the whole. If this information is sufficiently powerful to induce a major shift in the noosphere, a new cultural field is born.

  Even a single individual action can create a new field if it introduces novel information that is compatible with the basic properties and inherent blueprint of the system. So, when Reinhold Messner climbed Mount Everest without oxygen he introduced new field-generating information to the earth. From then on it was also possible for others to climb Mount Everest without oxygen. There are many similar examples in the areas of sports and technology. The principle of "morphogenic field creation" is present everywhere in evolution, for it is a direct consequence of the holographic logic of the global body of life, in which all beings are interconnected. If an experimental peace culture can succeed in introducing powerful and compatible new information for the creation of a culture without fear and violence at a few new cultural centers on earth, then this information will ramify far beyond those special places to affect the entire noosphere of the planet. Within a short period of time many other similar models based on the newly introduced information may be expected to emerge at other places on earth.

  One of the most urgent tasks of global peace work is, therefore, the establishment of such points or centres of power for developing and disseminating concrete peace information. The more encompassing the new information is, the more areas of life that will be encompassed by it. The more complex it is, and the more deeply it addresses the basic connections of our mental-spiritual and biological existence, the more it becomes universally applicable and the more powerful its potential global field effect. "Nothing is more powerful than an idea whose time has come."

The Creation Of Healing Biotopes

We call such future power centers of peace "healing biotopes." A healing biotope is a life community of people, animals, and plants, whose life forces, rather than blocking each other through violence or fear, complement one another. The underlying healing paradigm is a result of the unity of all living beings.

  Since there are no isolated structures in the noosphere all beings live in relationship to others, and all existence is ultimately communal. Healing is therefore not an isolated process, but a process that occurs in relationship to other beings. The healing of human beings occurs in their relationship to their fellow human beings and in their relationship to all of nature, animals, plants and the environment And since the deepest biological and mental-spiritual healing power is trust, the existing hologram of fear must be replaced by the hologram of trust right the way down to the cellular level. When this turning point has been reached, then the new set of information that is needed for the creation of a new far reaching force field emerges in all relationships. For example, where there is trust, the fear of snakes disappears. Where there is trust, the courage arises to jump into water from great heights. Where there is trust, jealousy and the fear of abandonment disappears. In a climate of trust, thoughts of hatred and violence are absent. Trust is therefore the energy of peace. We need it between children and adults, between men and women, between the animal world and the human world, between diverse communities, and between the individual and the Universe.

  Because we are programmed toward distrust in the crucial situations involving sex, love, power or money, an extremely solid container is required in which to foster and support the kind of trust in which our deepest traumatic conflicts can be resolved. In other words, since trust is essentially a question of truth, we need a very solid and stable human support community committed above all to truth. How much truth can two lovers take, how much truth can a community take, and how does it deal with truth? Those who no longer need to pretend or disguise themselves in front of others no longer need to fear that they will not be loved. And whoever no longer has this fear, can develop true humanness.

  Building stable communities involves working on one's own character structure. For the forces of peace to be able to have an external effect, they must be firmly anchored within those who work for peace. Our personal defects are no longer our private issues; they are reflections of global defects, and the more we can heal within ourselves, the more we can heal in the outside world.

  An important element of the healing biotope is the Sanctuary. In earlier cultures the sanctuary was a place where nobody could be punished. Criminals who managed to reach this place could not be hunted down and could start a new life there. For the healing of our own thoughts, it is important that we connect back to this tradition and fully incorporate the power of forgiveness. Each of us has experienced hatred against certain individuals. Has our knowledge and desire for peace become sufficiently strong that we now able and willing to forgive? Definitely we must live forgiveness if we truly want to break the chain of fear and violence. This entails inner work, and it is here above all where the power and the sovereignty of our work for peace will prove itself.

  In their structure and the way of life that they encourage, healing biotopes are a practical demonstration of the new global way of thinking. Their energy supplies, their use of water, the diets that are eaten, their consumption habits and their commitment to innovative recycling are all geared to long term planetary healing. The way of life within a healing biotope may appear fairly simple, but it exudes vigor and vitality. The focus and the power centres of human life in such a biotope differ markedly from life as we know it, because there one is integrated into the universal whole. There, the supremacy of the ego gives way to a universal consciousness releasing the universal flow of energy. Hitherto hidden reservoirs of power are thereby tapped, opening up new possibilities in the areas of healing, technology and global field creation.

  Healing biotopes are the living seeds of the future and their dissemination and growth follow the principle of the "morphogenic creation of fields." That is, when the first model has been seeded, the probability for the appearance of subsequent ones increases sharply. We are convinced that the time is now ripe for the founding of such healing biotopes on all continents. As more healing biotopes are created, they will form a network which will intensify the global field effect. From this network of healing biotopes, made up of communities and peoples who have entered into a state of trust and cooperation with all fellow creatures, will emerge the coming global earth community.

The Tamera Projects

The Mirja School for Peace at Tamera is being developed to help build a concrete vision for peace and to teach the theoretical and practical foundations for global peace work. Because we cannot create a force for peace in the external world unless such a force exists within us, these foundations includes the healing of one's own person. We need to recognize and then work to overcome the worldwide chain of violence and fear in ourselves if we want to develop general concepts applicable for global use. The intimate linkage between the inner and outer constitute a basic tenet of holistic peace work. Consequently, the school teaches subjects related to our inner life: the art of overcoming fear, sexuality and healing, the logic of love, building communities and leading groups, cosmology and the study of religion, evolution and early history, and the power of a concrete utopia. Participants of the school go through a two-year physical and mental training through which they can free themselves from their personal areas of challenge. The goal of the training is to prepare the participants to take on a leadership role at Tamera or another future-oriented community, or in international peace work.

  The school for peace serves to train people who have committed themselves to the service of healing and global peace work. Effective peace workers need a commitment and a professional energy that remains stable, even when, for example, their love lives might be temporarily "on the rocks." They also need a professional task and purpose which enable them to solve their personal conflicts and to deepen their love life. Professional and "private" life, revolution and love, political work and personal emancipation must all come together if we are to create the power and the way of life that is necessary for the creation of peace on earth. .

  Young people who want to get acquainted with healing biotopes and practical peace work attend Tamera's Youth School for Global Learning. For many young people, the existing professional world has become meaningless. They yearn for a different life perspective and the possibility to prepare themselves for meaningful new professions in the framework of a global peace culture. Tamera is assisting young people to apprentice themselves to peace workers in other countries and thereby gain a "cosmopolitan" perception of the situation on earth. Qualified work leaders and jobs are available for technical and manual work training at Tamera. Another aim of the youth school is to develop a new contact with nature and to recreate real trust between man and animals. Tamera's horse farm and riding school provide a practical vehicle for this.

  The Institute for Global Peace Work (IGP) at Tamera is a networking institution for expediting the establishment of healing biotopes throughout the planet. The IGP is interested in collaboration and nurturing contacts with all groups and individuals who are committed to building a global peace force. Therefore it cooperates with all who are interested in cooperation with nature and all her beings for the creation of a biosphere free of fear and violence. It networks with individuals and institutions who foster fulfilled sexuality, the ending of the war between the sexes, and who, through their daily life practices, are building a new information base for bringing peace into the world.

This chapter is an abridged version of The Tamera Manifesto for a Global Peace Culture, ©Tamera: Colos, Portugal, 1999.

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